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Zwi Publishing
Cagaloglu Yokusu
Ozhekim İs Hani No.1/27
Tel : 0212 5115526 - 27

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Publishing House :

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A brand new publications house started to operate in June 200 in Istanbul where is the center of economic and cultural life in Turkey and which constitutes a brigde between Asia and Europe.

•  THE NAME ZWI : The family of Ilgaz Zorlu -the founder of Zwi Publications- has its roots in the Eli Zwi's family who is brother of
Rabbi Sabbetai Zwi who declared himself the Messiah in 17th Century. Zwi means "deer" in Hebrew language. The second president of Israel Yitzak Ben Zwi also descends from the Ashkenaz branch of that familiy. Traditionally the word Zwi which has deep meanings in Hebrew religion and mystical Jeweshness, is the symbol of peace, brotherhood and knowledge.

•  PUBLICATION POLICY : The basics of the publication policy of Zwi Publications is to collect the writings of ethnical cultures in Turkey with no discrimination and the pass this magnificient richness on to the next generations. Doing so, Zwi aims to share the culturel wealth of Turkey with all the countries and cultures of the world. We also aim to introduce the already published or unpublished books about these cultures to Turkey which have been written abroad and in another language then Turkish. Our main principle is to pay to the authors and researchers every legal rights.

Within the framework of our policies, the publication plan is as follows :

•  SERIES 1 - Religious Origins of Ethnic Cultures :
The aim of the first series is to gather the religious roots of ethnic cultures like Sabbetians, Syrians, Jews and publish the related studies. Kabbala itself and the studies on Kabbala have a priority in our publication plan.

•  SERIES 2 - Social Life of Ethnic Cultures :
Bibliographies, travel notes and memories that have influenced the social life of ethnic cultures will be among the books of Series 2.

•  SERIES 3 - Cuisine :
Recipies belonging to all cultures will be published under the Series 3 line of publication.

•  SERIES 4 - Sources Related with Turkish Politics and Economy :
Published or unpublished, in Turkish or another language; studies related with Turkish politics, diplomacy and economy will be published.

•  SERIES 5 - Periodicals :
Zwi aims to publish bulletins, magazines related with the above mentioned topics.

•  SERIES 6 - Facilities to Researchers :
Zwi aims to provide finance and technical support to researchers of the said fields, thus enabling the new generations to benefit from the rich culturel inheritence.

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